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Common causes of drug offenses

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl are all drugs restricted at a state and federal level. These drugs have a high potential for drug abuse and addiction and can cause users to suffer psychological and physical dependence. Drugs are put into five different categories, with five being the least addictive and one being the most dangerous.

Drug abuse is so common that Georgia and other states restrict the use and distribution of certain illicit drugs. People caught using or selling drugs are often charged with drug possession crimes. What leads to a drug offense? Here’s what you should know:

Possession of a controlled substance

The most common kind of drug offense is possession. Drug possession means there were drugs found with the intent of distribution or personal use. There are two kinds of drug possession charges:

  • Actual possession: This charge occurs when drugs are found directly on a person’s body or personal belongings. For example, an illegal substance is found in someone’s pocket.
  • Constructive possession: This charge occurs when drugs are found in a home or vehicle that’s used or occupied by multiple people. This charge can be a lot more complicated when multiple people are suspected of possessing the drug.

Drug possession may involve anything from schedule V to schedule I drugs. Drug possession is a serious charge that shouldn’t be dismissed and could lead to fines and incarceration.

Manufacturing and trafficking illicit drugs

Most legal drugs are designed in labs, made in factories and distributed through pharmacies and medical professionals. This way, drugs are distributed through a controlled process. However, because of the effects certain drugs tend to create, many people seek alternative ways to possess these drugs – or ones that work much the same way.

People who seek illegal drugs often go through the black market. A black market dealer may know someone who manufactures or traffic drugs – typically, under the radar from law officials. The buyer, seller, manufacturer and trafficker are all acting in illegal ways that could cause serious criminal charges.

A drug charge can ruin your name. If you’re being charged with a drug offense, you may need to reach out for legal help when building a defense.