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Young defendants face criminal charge challenges and uncertainty

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Located in virtually the center of the state, Macon logically merits the title “The Heart of Georgia.”

That moniker denotes far more than just the city and surrounding region’s epicenter status on the map. It also speaks to the area’s pulse and vibrancy across many dimensions. That is contributed to by a major military presence, a vaunted and richly diverse musical pedigree, multiple historical sites, museums and sports teams.

And this too: a handful-plus of notable colleges, universities and other post-high school learning centers. In fact, the extensive Macon metro area is home for much of the year to scores of thousands of students.

Young people of course add to an area’s diversity. Collectively, they also foster purposeful change, promote creative undertakings and pump money into the local economy.

And they sometimes get into trouble.

Recurring criminal law matters leading to arrests and charges hardly spell a rarity in any area marked by a sizable population of students and other young people.

And neither does this: stark legal challenges posed for a youthful defendant who committed a crime without willfully intending to do so, or who acted even without knowledge that his or her behavior was unlawful.

A bottom-line truth considering young people is that they sometimes make mistakes. They act without informed judgment or rashly without due consideration of potentially adverse consequences.

The results can sometimes carry a harsh legal sting.

Common criminal charges for a youthful demographic

Flashing red lights and a police response are certainly not rarities where large clusters of students and other young people congregate. Criminal charges commonly feature in matters alleging the following types of offenses:

  • Disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace
  • Public intoxication
  • Drug crimes (ranging from possession and intent to distribute to prescription drug fraud and additional offenses)
  • Assault crimes
  • Property crime (e.g., burglary and possessing stolen property)
  • Sex crimes like sexual battery and rape

Some of the above bulleted offenses yield misdemeanor charges for defendants, while others are termed felony offenses.

No matter what charge is ultimately cited by a prosecutor, it can bring long-term and even life-upending consequences for a young person.

For that reason, a youthful defendant might reasonably want to turn for immediate help to a proven and empathetic criminal defense attorney. An established legal team will diligently promote a client’s best interests and seek always to secure an optimal case outcome.

Charged individuals are deemed innocent until proven guilty. An experienced defense attorney will steadfastly ensure that law enforcers recognize that bedrock legal standard and scrupulously abide by it.